Town planning scheme 6 map

Town Planning Scheme No.6

This Town Planning Scheme of the City consists of this Scheme Text and the Scheme Maps. The Scheme Text should be read with the Scheme Report for the City.

Part 2 of the Scheme Text sets out the Local Planning Framework. At the core of this Framework is the Scheme Report, which provides the general planning framework for the City, the rationale for zones and other provisions of the Scheme and applies State and regional planning policies. In addition to the Scheme Report, the Framework provides for Local Planning Policies that set out the general policies of the local government on matters within the Scheme.

The Scheme divides the local government district into zones to identify areas for particular uses and identifies land reserved for public purposes. Most importantly, the Scheme controls the types of uses and development allowed in different zones. There are particular controls included for heritage and special control areas. The Scheme Text also sets out the requirements for planning approval, enforcement of the Scheme provisions and non-conforming uses.

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