Verge with a clear footpath

Verge permits

The City has reviewed the existing temporary crossing permit issued for building and demolition works that has been in place since 2009. This review came about as a result of complaints received about the inability of individuals to access paths or roads due to damage or storage of materials by building or demolition works.

Previously the City required separate temporary crossing, skip bin or container permits. They are now incorporated within a Verge Permit which came into effect on 1 July 2016. The cost for a Verge Permit is advised in the current fees and charges.

A verge permit will entitle the applicant to use the City’s verge for temporarily parking vehicles, storing materials, locating a bulk bin or accessing private property from the public road. There are important conditions which must be complied with when using the verge. Please refer to the documents below in the Related Links section. Where there is a street tree on the verge it will need to be protected and maintained during the construction period. Details of the Tree Protection Zone and your responsibilities are provided in the guidelines.

It is compulsory to have a verge permit. A verge permit will not be issued without photographic evidence of the status of the verge at the time of the application being provided to the City. A security deposit must be paid and will be held by the City to execute repairs on the existing road reserve and verge infrastructure assets, such as, but not limited to vegetation, kerbing, pathways, pavements and drainage structures, as required, due to damage as a result of or in relation to the access to or building and construction works or demolition on the private property lot. At 1 July 2016, the security deposit will be $2,000 for single residential building and demolition works and $5,000 for all other works.

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